Take a visit with the baby

If you want to go to visit a friend out of town and you want the baby to tag along, don’t fret! There are ways you can ensure that the baby is well taken care of. It will be good for the baby as most of them love new places. When you are parking for the baby you need to make sure you carry your best lightweight(umbrella)strollers for its maneuverability. This type of stroller is easy to fold, carry and move with it.

Things to carry for the baby

One thing that is worth noting is that it is important to carry your own products. Remember not all persons appreciate the presence of a baby. This is because babies are curious and they like to explore.

1. Carry you own supplies

It does not matter who you are visiting, it is courteous to carry your own baby products supplies. This includes baby’s wet wipes or towel, diapers, blanket and the baby sling. This will make your stay more comfortable. It is very important for you to carry a changing mat or towel that you will use when changing the baby’s diaper. Before you proceed to change the baby, you need to find out if the host is okay with you changing the baby on the bed.

2. Carry the toys

It is important for the baby to be entertained for longer periods. If they are happy they will not disturb you. One way that will keep them engaged is playing with the toys. You need to bring large soundless toys that will not disturb other people.

3. The baby’s food

You know that the baby will eat at least after every three to four hours. This means that you need to carry enough food for them and also snacks that they can eat in between meals. If your baby is breast feeding, it is important to feed them on demand. You need to however cover yourself with a sling or a nursing shirt so as not to offend other people.

4. Portable crib

When the baby wants to sleep, it is pivotal for you to provide them with the much needed assistance for them to do so. There are some hosts that have baby’s crib where you can lay your baby. But, you need to carry your own portable crib for the baby to use- to avoid any inconvenience. If your baby is comfortable sleeping on your arms then let them. You can also opt to lay them on the sofa close to you and cover them with a blanket. You should never leave the baby alone in new homes.

5. Safety first

Babies love to crawl if they are able to. However, if the home you visit is not baby proof they may end up hurting themselves. It is important for you to keep the baby safe and secure at all times. There are those parents who have carried lightweight gates that they use to secure the staircase. You can also opt to carry outlet plugs. When you get to the house, you need to assess the environment to see if it is child friendly. Keep an eye for any fragile vases and any electrical wires. You can never be too careful in unfamiliar territory and so it is important for you to keep an eye on the baby at all times.

6. Be flexible

There is nothing like ‘perfect’ plan. So you need to be prepared for anything at anytime. Always have an open mind and relax.
It is essential for you to carry your own supplies and baby products so as not to inconvenience the other person.

Making an Espresso by an Aeropress

Most of us start our morning with a great cup of coffee, and this is perhaps the first thing we start our day with. To make a day good, its start has to be good. The convenience of making a coffee cup that delivers you a taste to go for your day with new zeal is made easier with Aeropress. The matchless speed and inexpensiveness makes it a first choice among coffee lovers. Thanks to the inventor of this simple trouble-saving equipment who thought of all making a coffee cup’ so easy and fun. Just pour and push method requires no cumbersome technique. The gentle pressure with a little patience is sufficient to work its wonders. Along with being inexpensive and cheap, the Aeropress is also light and durable as there are no glass parts in it. If you have ready hot water and coffee bean powder, you are just less than sixty seconds away from your espresso. The taste of espresso that you get through Aeropress is distinct and crisp which lets you admire the difference between the different beans. The last thing most of us hate about the gadgets is clean-up, you don’t have to juggle with it for long, just few seconds and you are done. Know your Aeropress before you go for an espresso.

It is a plastic plunger and comes with a cap at the end. The filters go into the cap for giving you the filtered coffee. A scoop for you to measure coffee and a paddle for stirring are all the accessories you need to get started, if you are reading on the know-how of making an Espresso with you simple and easy-to -use device, you must have got your Aeropress. Congratulations!

What do you need ready?

Hot WaterBring the water to boil

Let it cool for some time and get it ready for your coffee with temperature somewhere between 175F to 195F. Finely Ground Coffee Beans Measure out two full scoops of quality coffee beans and grind them until fine. Hot milk (for Latte) Timer (optional).

Brewing an Espresso

1.Take the plunger out of chamber and remove its cap.

2.Place a filter into the cap and put it back onto the chamber properly.

3.Take a sturdy mug. Stand the chamber on it.

4.Now take the finely-ground coffee bean powder and put two scoops into the chamber.

5.Get the hot water and pour it into the chamber up to the number 2 for a 10 ounce mug of American coffee. To ensure the best of the tastes use water with temperature between 175F to 195F.

6.Take the paddle and stir the mixture in the chamber well for about 10-15 seconds.

7.Now wet the rubber seal and insert the plunger into the chamber slowly. Press down to a quarter of an inch and maintain the pressure for 25-30 seconds. For single cup the finest grind is best but if you find the pressing gently too tough, you can use the coarser grind also.

8.When plunger bottoms on the coffee mixture, keep pressing gently. Do not hurry up the process, gentle pressing is important for making espresso.

9.Finally, what you have in your mug after the gentle press is a double Espresso.

10.If you want American coffee, top-off the mug with hot water.

11.If you want a Latte, top-off the mug with hot milk. It is that simple!


Cleaning-up Aeropress is quite easier. Take the plunger out remove the cap and press it to eject the puck of used beans. Give the whole thing a rinse and there it is ready to use again. You can also use the dishwasher’s top shelf to clean it but because the plunger wipes the chamber clean, a simple rinse is enough.

Furthermore, Aeropress can also be used to make cappuccino. Cappuccino is simple espresso topped with a layer of milk foam. Traditionally, we heat and foam milk with steam but you can do it with battery powered stirrers too. They give great results and are easy to use and clean. For heating water, microwave oven or kettle with temperature control are recommended as you can have a better control over the temperature and monitor it closely to the desired limit. Aeropress makes you experience of taste of true espresso machine reviews without any discomfort and expertise. With this gadgets you can have the taste of your choice that sets you off for you day.

Considering on Buying a Mountain Bike per Parts

So you have decided to start on a new hobby of going mountain biking with your friends. And you are in a point of deciding whether to buy a complete set of bike or have it in parts. Most of the bikers especially those who are tight on a budget will always choose buying in parts while if you have enough money for it then you should go for a complete set. You can find the best mountain bikes under 1000 at Recreation Space.

Owners can score a great deal when they decide to just buy bike parts and they can even choose the perfect part for their own style of biking.

The reason behind it

If you still wonder why there are a lot of bikers that prefers on buying their bike in parts than the whole thing, here a few of the possible reasons they have:

  1. Buying parts will give them more time to save money to complete the whole set that they want.
  2. They are waiting for a certain part that will be made available in later date.
  3. They have the freedom on how they want their bike to look like.
  4. They can easily adjust certain parts what is not working out for them.
  5. This will help them get to know their bike better if they personally assemble everything.

You can also choose a best cheap mountain bike available on the market if you want.

Where do you start?

So you have been convinced to assemble your very first bike as well. The first thing that you need to do is to check among your biker friends if they have certain part of their bike that they no longer use. Try to make a deal with them or even try to have it for free. You will be able to enjoy additional saving if you did this first. Then if you have completed all the parts you need to prepare your tools to assemble it. You don’t have to buy everything, only those that you will use in the future. So check what tools your friends can lend you and what are the other biking tools you need to buy for yourself. Some of the most important tools to own include:

  • Allen wrenches on 3 to 6 and 8mm sizes
  • Pedal wrench or you can also buy a 15mm open ended wrench
  • Screw drivers both Phillips and flat head
  • Torque wrench
  • Diagonal cutters
  • Bearing grease

All of these tools are available in any biking store online or locally. You can also consider on checking them out on a hardware store if you are unable to find some in your nearest bike store.

Have everything ready and make sure that you have a good place to start your assembling process.

DIY Assembling Tips


The very best tent brand: BIG AGNES

Big Agnes (877) 554-8975 bigagnes.com

Lynx Pass 1 N                         3S    MAF              1
Seedhouse SL 1                        3S    MAF              1
Fly Creek UL1 ([??])                  3S    MAF              1
Copper Spur UL1                       3S    MAF              1
Burn Ridge Outfitter 2 N              3S    MAF              2
Lynx Pass 2                           3S    MAF              2
Gore Pass 2 ([??])                    3S    MAF              2
Jack Rabbit SL2 N ([check])           3S    MAF              2
Seedhouse SL 2 ([??])                 3S    MAF              2
Fly Creek UL2 EC10 ([??])             3S    MAF              2

It's as light and packable as many bivy sacks, but the freestanding
Fly Creek UL2 provides livable space and storage (albeit with one
door and vestibule) for two full-size humans. Ventilation is superb,
and three-season storms never compromised its taut pitch.

Copper Spur UL2 ([check])             3S    MAF              2
Burn Ridge Outfitter 3 N              3S    MAF              3
Lynx Pass 3                           3S    MAF              3
Gore Pass 3                           3S    MAF              3
Jack Rabbit SL3 N                     3S    MAF              3
Fly Creek UL3 N                       3S    MAF              3
Copper Spur UL3 ECO8 ([??])           3S    MAF              3
Coulton Creek 4 N                     3S    DO               4
Jupiter's Cabin                       3S    DO               4
Big House 4                           3S    DO               4
Lynx Pass 4 ([??])                    3S    MAF              4

Roomy enough inside for one editor's family of five, this
steep-walled tent features rugged materials (such as a 75-denier
polyester floor) at a backpackable weight.

Nice price, too.
King Creek 4 N                        3S    HT               4
Wolf Mountain 4 N                     3S    HT               4
Fly Creek UL4 N                       3S    MAF              4
Copper Spur UL4 N ([check]) EC11      3S    MAF              4
Soda Mountain Supertight N            3S    DO               4

The soaring ceiling (70 inches at the peak) makes this family
camper exceptionally livable, yet it withstood 20-mph winds (and
gusts up to 30 mph) near Boise, Idaho. Its sub-eight-pound weight
lends it to low-mileage backpacking as well as car camping.

Hager House 3 R                      CV     OTH,SW           3

It's a three-fer: a spacious three-person shelter that transforms
into a car- or tree-supported tarp as well as an ultralight
fastpitch floorless tent. But the two vestibules are small for
three backpackers, and tall guys find the 86-inch length confining.

String Ridge 2 ([??])                 MT    MAF              2
Royal Flush 3                         MT    DO               3
Flying Diamond 4 N                    MT    HT               4

Two doors and huge vestibules that make for easy exits and gear
storage. Setup is fast (thanks to hubbed poles) and ventilation
outstanding. Like most winter tents, it packs bulky.

Twin Butle Tarp                       TA    OTH,SW           4

Say yes to Yellowstone!

What’s a three-letter word for Yellowstone National Park? How about Wow? This enormous park is the size of Delaware and Rhode Island combined! Yellowstone is located mostly in Wyoming, but some parts spill into Montana and Idaho. This is America’s first national park, and with over 2000 campsites, it’s a great place to go camping.

Much of the park sits in an ancient volcanic crater. Yellowstone is full of bubbling mud pots, steaming hot springs, and over 300 geysers. Friendly park rangers can tell you all about these geologic wonders.

Have you ever heard of Old Faithful? This famous geyser is Yellowstone’s most popular attraction. Geysers are hot springs that erupt occasionally. Old Faithful’s eruptions are very predictable. That’s how this geyser got its name. Every 45 to 110 minutes, Old Faithful sends up to 8400 gallons of boiling water and steam high into the air. Crowds of people come to cheer at this impressive sight.

Yellowstone has more than just the world’s largest group of geysers. There are spectacular waterfalls and towering cliffs. The park even has its own Grand Canyon! You can hike Uncle Tom’s Trail from the top of the canyon down to the base of the Lower Falls waterfall. There are amazing views up and down this stairway trail. It’s well worth climbing 328 stairs to get back up. But if you get tired, there are benches where you can rest.


Never fry bacon in bear country.

It’s early morning, and you’re frying bacon at a camps Yum! Seven miles away, another bacon lover gets a whiff of that delicious smell. Who or what can smell bacon that far away? People can’t, but bears can! Read on to find out why you should never fry bacon in bear country.

What is bear country? It’s wherever bears live, such as a forest or a state or national park. Bears wander throughout bear country searching for food. They use their keen sense of smell to find things to eat.

Bears aren’t picky eaters. They eat anything: berries, nuts, plants, animals and carrion. Carrion is the flesh of dead animals. But bears also love the taste of your food! They are attracted to the smell of food that campers bring to their campsite. If a bear gets a whiff of your bacon, don’t be surprised if he shows up for breakfast!

Bears will travel a long way for food. They will walk or run on their four huge, flat paws. They can run fast over a short distance. While traveling, a bear sometimes stands on its hind legs and sniffs the air. This helps keep the bear on the right track.

If a bear arrives at your campsite searching for food, it may challenge you if it feels threatened. This is one animal that you don’t want to come face-to-face with. Bears have huge, strong bodies with long, sharp claws and teeth and powerful jaws. Besides harming you, a bear could destroy your campsite looking for food. If it finds some, it’ll probably return later, searching for more. The best way to keep bears from finding your food is to keep all your edibles in ice chests or storage containers. When you’re not using them, keep these closed containers in vehicles.


Visiting the Grand Canyon

Is the Grand Canyon a good place for girls and boys to visit? You bet it is! There are plenty of things to do in this beautiful national park, like going camping and hiking and taking pictures with your camera.

Located in the state of Arizona, the Grand Canyon is often called one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It is huge! The canyon measures 18 miles wide and 277 miles long. The park includes over one million acres of land. That’s hard to imagine. It is one of the most popular places in the United States. President Theodore Roosevelt declared it a National Monument in 1908, over 100 years ago. It became a National Park in 1919.

There are three main sections: the South Rim, the North Rim, and the Inner Canyon. The South Rim is visited most often because it is open to the public all year long. People can camp there in every season (remember if you want to camp in winter, you should have to buy a best family tent that features 4 season family tent). Even your pets are welcome as long as they are always on a leash and never left alone.

Did you know one of the best seller camping tent named Coleman Red Canyon Tent?


Next time

“Ethan, this is soooo cool!” Daniel said.

“Yeah, Ethan,” Madison added. “Thanks for inviting us.”

Ethan sat up in his sleeping bag and trained a flashlight beam on his two guests, replying, “You’re welcome.”

Daniel sat erect in his sleeping bag too. “Ethan,” he began anew, “I had no idea that camping could be so much fun.”

“The same goes for me,” Madison added. “I must admit that I was a little scared to try this.”

Ethan lowered his flashlight beam, stating, “Well, camping doesn’t have to be painful.” In the semi-darkness, Daniel nodded.

“After all,” Ethan continued, “it’s the little things I do that make a stay in the woods comfortable.”

Madison asked, “Oh, yeah? Like what?”

Ethan swung his flashlight beam outside into the darkness to illuminate the guy lines on his tent. Then he asked, “Do you see the tiny fluorescent cords that I tied to my guy lines?”

“Yes,” Madison returned.

“I do too,” Daniel replied.


“Well, that makes the guy lines visible after dark,” Ethan explained. “That way, I don’t trip over them.”

“I never would’ve thought of that,” Daniel admitted.

Then Ethan moved his flashlight beam to a plastic object on the tent’s floor. “Secondly,” he continued, “I keep a bottle of water next to my sleeping bag in case I get thirsty in the middle of the night.”


Greetings from Cumberland Island, Georgia

A barrier island off the coast of Georgia is not a place that automatically comes to mind when thinking about destinations to view wild horses. Roughly the size of Manhattan, Cumberland Island is protected by the U.S. National Park Service and is rich in wildlife and diverse ecosystems. Wild horses roam the fertile salt marshes, maritime forests and more than 17 miles of golden brown beaches.

I took a short ferry ride from St. Marys, Georgia, to spend a few days on the island. You can either camp out on the island or splurge at the interesting and historic Greyfield Inn, the only lodging on the island. Built in 1900 as a wedding present for Lucy and Thomas Carnegie’s daughter Margaret, the small, elegant inn is filled with family antiques. Its front porch is also a prime spot to sit and watch buffaloes, who like to graze just outside the hotel. The buffaloes who roam the island are thought to be a blend of stock from the Carnegie family mixed with horses from other plantation owners and Spanish steeds of years past.

We saw a few wild buffaloes on the field on the field outside of Greyfield Inn. The sky was very blue when the field was absolutely green, flatting till the end of horizon. I closed my eyes, imagined the age of the buffaloes, the age that buffaloes were too crowd and the Indians never had to worry about food. There was a very big buffalo, absolutely the leader. It came close to our cameraman. Everybody has laugh happily.

I recommend staying on the island to do your wild buffalo viewing, taking a few days away from the modern, busy world to go off the grid and enjoy nature at its finest. You’ll certainly learn more about herd hierarchy and relax in a place where wildlife and nature truly rule.


How to avoid the perils of camping: be prepared for the unexpected. (first aid & safety)

Stacy and Jen were roasting marshmallows over the campfire when Stacy’s long hair dangled into the flames and caught on fire. Thinking fast, Jen grabbed a jacket and covered Stacy’s hair to smother the fire. Stacy could have been badly burned, but–thanks to Jen–only a few locks got singed. She also learned how important it is to tie back hair when around an open fire.

Camping can be a wonderful experience. But along with the pleasures of camping, you’ll need to know how to prevent or deal with the possible dangers. Your first line of defense is a first-aid kit. It should contain all the essential supplies for coping with mishaps such as cuts, burns, stings, and rashes. These include: bandages, sterile gauze and adhesive tape, butterfly closures, tweezers, alcohol wipes, scissors, instant cold pack, antiseptic cream, aspirin, and calamine lotion.

Develop Survival Sense

Prepare for the unexpected–anything from a drenching rain to a raccoon raid–by packing a survival kit. Here’s what it should contain:

* map and compass. Every year, countless campers get lost in the woods. Stick to well-marked trails or camp with someone who is familiar with the area.

* extra clothing, food, and bottled water

* flashlight with extra batteries, matches in a waterproof container, and a fire starter

* snakebite kit

* sunglasses, sunscreen, and a hat

* all-purpose knife

* whistle. Blowing a whistle is a great way to let people know where you are.

Weather or Not